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University of Delaware, Lab Manager/Project Coordinator The Impression Formation Social Neuroscience Lab (IFSN Lab), co-directed by Dr. Jasmin Cloutier and Dr. Jennifer Kubota, is housed in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware. It investigates how we form impressions of others and how these impressions influence behavior, using both behavioral and neuroimaging methods. For more information about the lab's research, please visit ( The Lab Manager's role will support a large three-year multi-method grant funded by the DOD investigating cross-cultural dynamics of social status and power among individuals varying in authoritarian world views. The project integrates social media data (using large language models and text analysis), computational modeling, and neuroimaging methods (fMRI, mobile EEG). The Lab Manager will support the PI's, Graduate Students', and Postdoctoral Researcher's research efforts and help with administrative and research responsibilities. This position is expected to be renewed on a 12-month basis for the three years, dependent upon performance. $50,000/yr plus fringe (with cost-of-living adjustments to follow annually) and includes a comprehensive benefits package. The start date is flexible, but preferably Fall 2023. Pease include a Cover Letter and CV with your application here: [].

Purdue University West Lafayette, Lab Manager The Lee Memory and Cognition Lab (PI: Dr. Hongmi Lee) in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University is recruiting a lab manager/research technician to start in Fall 2023/Spring 2024. We study how the human brain remembers complex naturalistic experiences, utilizing a range of methods including behavioral experiments and functional neuroimaging. If you are interested, please submit your application to Purdue Careers. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Women and underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged to apply. For any inquiries about the position, please contact us at moc.liamg|baLnoitingoCdnAyromeMeeL#moc.liamg|baLnoitingoCdnAyromeMeeL.

Auburn University, Research Assistant We are seeking a full-time research assistant. The research assistant will work on a National Institute on Drug Abuse R34-supported study testing a computerized and smart-phone based intervention for Cannabis Use Disorder. The project involves multiple methodologies including EEG, saliva and urinalyses, ambulatory psychophysiology, and ecological momentary assessment. This position is ideal for someone intending to go to graduate school for clinical psychology or neuroscience, especially those interested in addiction. The position is full-time and pays $30,160 per year plus benefits. Funding for three years is available, with the expectation that the applicant will stay in the position for at least two years. job ad

Indiana University-Bloomington The Cognition & Learning Lab at Indiana University-Bloomington, directed by Dr. Elizabeth Gunderson, is hiring one full-time Lab Manager (Laboratory Research Assistant). This position presents diverse opportunities to participate in cutting-edge developmental psychology research and is partly funded by the National Science Foundation (Improving Flexible Attention to Numerical and Spatial Magnitudes in Young Children). This project will study the early development of executive functioning and math skills in preschool-aged children. Review of applications will take place on a rolling basis. The start date is flexible, but preferably October 2, 2023. Pease include a Cover Letter and CV with your application. If you are NOT an IU employee currently, please use this link. Current IU employees should use this link.

UC Irvine, Junior Specialist We are seeking a full time research assistant / junior specialist with research responsibilities for a new project on human-AI collaboration in collaboration with the Honda Research Institute (HRI) at Detroit. The project aims to improve coordination and social interaction between humans operating in environments such as traffic systems where the limited repertoire of signals between humans restricts the amount of information that can be exchanged. A bachelor’s degree is required by the start date. job ad; due 08/16/2023

University of Michigan, Lab Manager The Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Michigan, directed by Dr. Thad Polk, is seeking a full-time Lab Coordinator to help facilitate research in the lab. The successful candidate will work with lab members (including post-doctoral fellows and students) on all aspects of the lab's operations: implementing experiments, recruiting and scheduling participants, running participants through experiments, advertising, website maintenance, purchasing, preparing figures, etc.; []; review starts June 2023 on rolling basis until the position is filled.

Arizona State University, Lab Manager (Predoctoral, The T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics (SSFD) at Arizona State University (ASU) invites applications for a full-time lab coordinator to work on a NIH-funded research project on adolescent social connection and well-being at daily and yearly levels.; job ad; review begins July 10, 2023)

Research Support Specialist Position in the Stony Brook University Psychology Department This is a full-time research support specialist position. It is an excellent fit for someone who recently completed their undergraduate training and is looking to gain more research experience before pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, public health, social work, or related fields. The research support specialist will work under the supervision of Dr. Briana Last in the Mental Healthcare for All Lab. The research support specialist will work on several projects, all of which seek to increase the accessibility and quality of mental health services to all who need them. The Mental Healthcare for All Lab is looking for someone who is interested in learning about mental health service policies and systems and developing supports and resources for public mental health providers. The lab's work is also focused on studying and addressing mental health inequities among minoritized and underserved populations, with a particular emphasis on sexual and gender minorities. The position can be done remotely, with preference given for someone who is willing to work hybrid. Start date August or September 2023, Review of applications begins June 21 2023 Submit your application and all necessary materials via the application portal at this link:

UCLA The SAND Lab (PI: Dr. Jennifer Silvers) is hiring a new lab manager for summer/Fall! Must have excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Coding/quant/MRI skills are a bonus. This is a great job for someone looking to pursue a PhD in a few years; job ad; 06/20/2023

University of California, San Diego Applications are invited for an IN STEP Children’s Mental Health Research Center Manager. Under supervision of the Center Principal Investigators, the IN STEP Research Manager will be responsible for the complex function of program coordinating and management of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) ImplementatioN Science and Team Effectiveness in Practice (IN STEP) Children’s Mental Health Research Center. Led by Lauren Brookman-Frazee, PhD, and Gregory Aarons, PhD, the IN STEP Center uses organizational team effectiveness research to develop and test novel team-based implementation strategies, methods, and tools to improve the reach, quality, and effectiveness of care delivered in public systems serving children with mental health needs. job ad

Emory University The Translational Lab (PI: Dr. Peter Hitchcock) in the Department of Psychology at Emory University (Atlanta, GA) is seeking a full-time Research Specialist. The Translational Lab applies computational tools to elucidate how decision-making goes awry in depression and anxiety disorders and to develop powerful interventions to improve it ( job ad; Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Pennsylvania State University The Parent, Regulation, Engagement, Stress, and Health (PRESH) project, directed by Dr. Erika Lunkenheimer at The Pennsylvania State University, is accepting applications for a Human Research Technologist 2. The PRESH project involves studying parents’ experience of being parented in childhood, their mental health, their beliefs about parenting, parenting stress, and parents’ self-regulation. We are interested in how these factors influence parent-child interaction patterns, parents’ disciplinary practices, and trajectories of children’s behavioral adjustment and mental health symptoms. This study aims to inform which factors should be prioritized when attempting to better support parents and reduce parenting stress and harsh discipline through family intervention. job ad

Stanford University Drs. Christina Young and Elizabeth Mormino within the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences are seeking a Clinical Research Coordinator Associate (CRCA) to work on new projects involving high-frequency data collection in older adults. The primary focus of this position will be to contribute to data collection and analysis on NIH- and privately-funded projects studying the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, enabling early detection, and understanding the contributions of early pathology to cognitive decline in human aging. job ad

UC Irvine, Lab Manager We are seeking a full time paid lab manager/research assistant to assist with ongoing research projects in the lab covering neuroimaging, psychophysics, and modeling projects. This person would assist with data collection and analysis as well as performing some administrative duties, and have the opportunity to have their own projects as well. A bachelor’s degree is required by the start date. job ad; due 06/30/2023

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Research Coordinator We are seeking a Research Coordinator to join the Braga Lab in the Department of Neurology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Under the mentorship of Rodrigo M. Braga, PhD, the lab uses and develops neuroimaging techniques that focus on revealing the brain’s detailed network organization within individuals. Research topics broadly address the role of the distributed networks in cognition. job ad

Boston University, Lab Manager We are seeking a lab manager to join the quantitative psychopathology lab (directed by Qimin Liu, Ph.D.) in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University. Our research focuses on the application and development of novel quantitative methods to understand affective psychopathology, particularly among minoritized individuals The position will offer exposure to all stages of scientific activities such as grant submission, IRB proposal, participant recruitment, data management, and opportunities for authoring/co-authoring presentations and publications. The lab manager will also participate in the development, implementation, and management of effective practices to facilitate day-to-day lab operations and administration. Individuals who can solve problems independently, demonstrate strong initiative, attend to details, and/or have strong computational and statistical skills are strongly encouraged to apply and, if interested, will receive close mentoring for future careers in quantitative/clinical psychology and related fields. job ad

Florida International University, Research Technician The Neural Dynamics of Control Laboratory ( with the Center for Children and Families seeks a full-time research technician. This individual will support NIMH-funded research projects that seek to understand the longitudinal relations among brain, behavior, and the emergence of social anxiety during adolescence. This position is on-site in Miami, Florida, and the successful candidate must be willing to work evenings and weekends to facilitate data collection from children and families. The main duties involve assisting with participant recruitment as well as data collection and analysis. job ad; due 10/06/2023

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